Our church is led by a dedicated team who each bring their own unique ideas and background. This team meet to pray and discuss issues relevant to the life of the church and organise activities in the village.


David and his wife Connie joined the church in 2017 having moved to the area from Cambridge. David completed his studies at the University of Nottingham that summer and is currently studying at Spurgeon's College. David came to faith as a teenager, having grown up attending church in Cambridge. David has been Minister in Training at Crondall Baptist Church since September 2018.


Moira was brought up going to church, becoming a Christian at a Billy Graham crusade in Glasgow. Moira has experienced ups and downs but has always felt God's hand upon her. Moira is widowed with one daughter and lived for almost thirty years in Uplawmoor, on the Glasgow/Ayrshire border. She worked for National Savings until retirement, and was a member of the Church of Scotland before moving to Crondall in 2012 to be nearer her daughter and family who live locally. Moira received a warm welcome from the small fellowship at Crondall Baptist and has made it her church family. 


Mike was led to the Lord by his Anglican Scoutmaster at the age of 12. During his teenage years he attended the open Brethren Assembly in Potters Bar, Herts, and the Salvation Army at Southend in his school holidays. He married Anne in 1963 and became a Methodist in Thundersley, Essex. Anne and Mike returned to Potters Bar and an Evangelical Free church. Finally, after 42 years working in the NHS, they came to worship at Crondall Baptist Church. Mike describes himself as 'getting on a bit', like Abraham 'full of years'!